The 3018 Galactic Intergang Tour (Presented By Sam Rothstein)

The 3018 Galactic Intergang Tour is set to dock in at 10 local space stations from April 27th thru May 18th

The 3018 Galactic Intergang Tour


Izzy Strange, Sam Rothstein, and Raiden Labs will be headlining a spring tour starting in April dubbed The 3018 Galactic Intergang Tour. If you’re in the Midwest or East Coast areas, come check out the live performances and catch a vibe. Tickets will be sold at the doors. Age restrictions will vary at specific venues.


4/27 – Delurk Gallery – Winston – Salem, NC

5/2 – The Stage At Karma – Pittsburgh, PA (Opening for Mac Lethal & Wax)

5/4 – Black Forge Coffee Shop – Pittsburgh, PA

5/5 – Hooligans – Newark, OH

5/10 – Pop & Offworld – Detroit, MI

5/11 – Victories Live – Columbus , OH

5/12 – Highland Taproom & Grill – Louisville, KY

5/18 – Face Melt – Richmond, VA

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