Izzy Strange Wins A Performance Slot For The 2018 SXSW Kick Off Event

2018 SXSW Kick Off

Earlier this year, Izzy entered into a contest, presented by www.livebreathelovehiphop.com, for an opportunity to perform at their SXSW Kick Off event. His nonstop hustle and previous PR work paid off in a major way as he won the slot

Along with LBLHH, Urban Magazine and others are sponsoring the event. Artists set to perform along with Izzy include G. Fischer & D Dave, Kado Bartier and other acts. There’s even word that famed Hip Hop producer, Dame Grease, will be in the building. The SXSW Kick Off is set for March 12th from 6 – 11 PM at 809 E. 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned to the website, as well as, Strange’s social media accounts for future updates. Make sure to wish Izzy good luck while making the trip from Pennsylvania to SXSW next month. Official details for the event can be found on the flyer up above.


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