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Izzy Strange Ft Taylyn – “Real Love”

Real Love

For “Real Love” Izzy Strange collaborates with local Scottdale vocalist Tahlyn for a song fueled off of punch drunk love, as featured on Strange’s album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” –

With a top notch instrumental from the hands of Casa Nada, “Real Love” is sure to have your total attention throughout the full three minutes and twenty-two seconds. Izzy is known for delivering sharp lyricism but for this single, we hear a more sincere and polished approach. The song tells the story of a man falling in love. This later leads to the realization that those feelings may very well be superficial. Whether it be money, material possessions or love; the true key to happiness is ultimately found with one’s self. Without further ado, here is Izzy Strange’s “Real Love”, featuring Tahlyn.

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