The “Izzy Duz It” mixtape tracklist gets a comic book twist courtesy of Marvel’s “Strange Tales” series

Strange Tales

One of Izzy Strange’s strong suits in music is his knack for perfectionism. Beyond just music and videos, Izzy has a way of cleverly conjuring up new avenues of material. His latest offering, the 11 track mixtape “Izzy Duz It”, shatters the barrier of the mixtape formula. With a bevy of features and top tier production from a wide variety of producers, Strange lets the creative juices flow and orchestrated a way to add depth to each of the project’s songs. He leaned into Marvel’s classic, sci-fi heavy “Strange Tales” comic series and constructed images based around it’s cover art. These covers were released periodically soon after the Halloween 2018 release via social media. Now, all 11 of the “Strange Tales” song covers can be found here on with break downs of each track, enjoy!

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